Pam Steyn
Location South Africa

Pam Steyn

Executive Coach

I am an experienced Integral Coach, employing an integral approach that encompasses the heart, body, and mind. This holistic methodology allows me to integrate these elements and generate new possibilities for my clients. I complement this approach with contemporary social neuroscience, enabling my clients to tap into their optimal thinking and fostering real and sustainable changes. My passion lies in witnessing others discover their untapped potential. Drawing from my own life experiences, I have enhanced my methodologies to provide clients with a unique coaching journey, leading to genuine actualization and sustainable results.

Additionally, I possess a strong understanding of organizational dynamics, along with the challenges and opportunities individuals face. This insight enables me to assist clients in navigating skillfully, building relationships, positively influencing their environment, and achieving results for their business. For me, coaching is a transformative process, involving learning new ways of observing oneself and others to create possibilities for shifting our ways of being—ultimately fostering resilience, resourcefulness, and creativity. Coaching, to me, is not just a job; it is a vocation that I am deeply passionate about.

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